Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 State Of The Union Address:-------------- Enhanced Version

'US determined to prevent nuclear-armed Iran'
Jan-25-2012-- WASHINGTON – US President Barack Obama had tough words for Iran and Syria in his State of the Union address Tuesday night.
“Let there be no doubt: America is determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and I will take no options off the table to achieve that goal,” Obama said to sustained applause.
In State of the Union address largely devoted to US economy, Obama trumpets "ironclad commitment" to Israel's security. He said that currently, “The regime is more isolated than ever before; its leaders are faced with crippling sanctions, and as long as they shirk their responsibilities, this pressure will not relent.”
The president did, however, leave the door open for diplomacy, saying that, “A peaceful resolution of this issue is still possible, and far better, and if Iran changes course and meets its obligations, it can rejoin the community of nations.”
His words were more hawkish than one year ago, where his brief reference to Iran focused only on the American diplomatic effort.

Obama State of Union Seen by 37.7 Million Viewers, Nielsen Says
Jan-25-2012-- President Barack Obama, who is seeking re-election in November, drew 37.75 million viewers to last night's State of the Union address a 12 percent decline from a year earlier.
Obama’s 65-minute speech was watched by 13 percent fewer than the 43.4 million who tuned in for President George W. Bush’s State of the Union in 2004, before that re-election campaign .
The president used last night’s address to highlight themes of his bid for a second term. Obama called on Congress to require those making $1 million or more annually to pay a 30 percent federal tax rate. He called on Congress to help homeowners, crack down on U.S. financial crimes and unfair trade practices in China, and investigate lending practices that preceded the housing crisis.

Fed Sees Low Rates to 2014
Central Bank Releases Policy Forecasts for Key Benchmark, Targets 2% Inflation
Jan-25-2012-- Federal Reserve officials said they expect to keep short-term interest rates near zero for almost three more years and signaled they could restart a controversial bond-buying program in yet another campaign to rev up the disappointing economic recovery. The central bank's pronouncements came after a two-day policy meeting from which officials emerged still frustrated at the slow pace of growth and a bit more confident that inflation is settling down after climbing last year.
The combination of persistent slow growth and low inflation,

Asia Stocks, Oil Rise as Fed Signals Low Rates; Won Strengthens
Jan-25-2012 -- Asian stocks rose to a three-month high, copper climbed and South Korea's won strengthened after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke signaled plans to main near-zero interest rates .
“Mr. Bernanke is presenting the world with a gift,” Khiem Do, the Hong Kong-based head of multi-asset strategy “He wants to underwrite the recovery and underwriting the recovery is very good for equity markets and risk assets.”

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