Friday, February 11, 2011

Israel Fulfilling Bible Prophecy - 5 of 6

Israelis are increasingly concerned
President Hosni Mubarak's departure will empower the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and threaten Israel's longstanding peace treaty with Egypt.
and create an 'encirclement' of hostile states.
Feb-11-2011--For Israelis, Mubarak has been absolutely crucial to their sense of regional stability. Through wars and uprisings, Mubarak adhered to the peace treaty with Israel, chastising Arab radicals that the days of Egypt warring with Israel were over. Egypt joined Israel in blockading the Gaza Strip in a bid to undermine its Hamas rulers and was a de facto ally against the spread of Iranian influence in the region.We're not against democracy in Egypt, but we are really afraid and it is legitimate for us to say we are afraid of what will come out from this."

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